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Our Canadian originals collection is made up of watches which are inspired by, designed by or assembled by Canadians.  Canada strength comes from it's diversity and for hundreds of years Canadians have recognized the importance and the value of understanding the global market.  Countries like Japan are the leader in watch movements, other countries excel at building watch cases, but Canadians know how to put a special touch to make it a Canadian Original.


On of our most popular watches, showing the iconic Children of the Raven image from Bill Reid.

Native Northwest Collection of west coast designs demonstrating the beauty, talent and imagery that is uniquely Canadian.

Canadian Images Collection are fashionable watches designed to give you a bold Canadian style.

Golden West Coast Collection is a bold representation First Nations images and symbols. Each symbol has a special meaning making these watches the perfect gift.

Canadian Souvenir watch collection contains some fashionable, recognizable images from Canada that make the perfect gift at a very affordable price. 

Tense Wood Watches are designed and built in Canada.  Creating a unique timepiece that perfectly represents Canada to the world.