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Remote Battery FAQ

I have to push the remote multiple time to get it to work.  Is this a battery problem?

Usually this means the battery is low, so it is not strong enough to send the single.  When you keep pushing you are actually draining the battery, however usually you are moving closer and holding the button down longer with frustration, allowing the system more time to receive the signal.

The best course of action if the remote does not work on the first try is to wait 30 seconds (let the battery recover) then move closer (if possible) and hold the button down.  Then get a replacement battery ASAP.

I have been needing to get closer to use the remote, is that a battery problem?

Yes, as the voltage on the battery drops, so does it's range.

I changed the battery and some of the buttons don't work.  What could be wrong?

When some buttons work and others don't it's generally a contact issue.  Some remotes it's a simple matter of re-soldering a contact point for the buttons, which we are happy to do for you. 

For others where the contacts are built into the circuit board without actual buttons it generally means the conductivity of the keypad has worn out.  You can try to get a new key pad from the dealer, if that is not possible you can use a rear window defogger repair kit and re-coat the keypads contact points.


Key FOB/Remote Batteries

We are happy to replace your key FOB/remote batteries while you wait. 

There are thousands of remotes on the market and in recent years car manufacturers have been trying to make it more difficult to open the remotes in an effort to get you to return to the dealership. 

We have seen an increase in the use of Locktite on the screws, which can make them very difficult to open.  If you do not have the right sized screw driver it is easy to strip the screws, once that happens it's much more difficult to open the remotes.

Micro Lithium Replacement Batteries
CR1025    CR1216    CR1220    CR1225
CR1612    CR1616    CR1620    CR1632
CR2012    CR2016    CR2025    CR2032
CR2325    CR2330    CR2354    CR2412
CR2430    CR2450    CR2477    CR3032  

Replacement Rechargeable Lithium Batteries 

A few of the new remote use a rechargeable micro cell batteries.  We can usually order replacement batteries for you, but we need to know not only the battery number, but the soldering contact alignment. 

But the biggest challenge is that the majority of these remotes are sealed and once you break the seal you can't get the remote back together.  Others we have seen have a reset that requires the remote to be reprogrammed by the dealer when the battery is replaced.
High Voltage
Replacement Batteries

23A - 1181A, 23, 23A, 23AE, 23GA, 8LR23, 8LR932, A23, A23BP, E23A, GP23, GP23A, GP-23A, K23A, L1028, LR23A, LRV08, MN21, MS21, R23A, V23, V23GA, VR22

27A - 27, MN27, A27, G27A, GP27A, L828, EL812, EL-812, L1028, CA22, B-1

29A - 25A, 32A

Building Management / Strata Councils

Remote batteries are a common item that everyone in your building needs.  There is nothing more frustrating than a battery dying, because it always happens at the worst possible time.

We offer quantity discounts for batteries purchased on our building replacement program.  Just like changing your smoke alarm batteries each year, it's a simple matter for you to replace the remote batteries on an annual basis, then everyone can be assured their remotes are going to work when needed.

Simply send us an email (, include the battery size your remotes use and the number of remotes you have and we will provide you with a quote. 

For most building, we have found that adding an annual replacement program adds less than $0.50 to monthly strata fees.