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What is the best rechargeable battery?

The best battery is going to depend on your application.  Batteries are not a one size fits all product and different battery will excel at different applications.

Panasonic eneloop batteries are the next generation of rechargeable NiMH.  These batteries have very little self-discharge, meaning they cay sit for up to 3 years and still retain 85% of their charge (capacity).

Powerex is a leading battery charger manufacturer and their NiMH AA's are Made in Japan and offer a 700mAh capacity, with quick recovery time making them the perfect choice for high drain electronics like a camera flash.

Panasonic eneloop batteries are the perfect replacement for your
household batteries.  When stored correctly, these batteries retain up to 85% of their capacity 3-years after they have been charged.  Where normal rechageable batteries need to be charged every 2 or 3 months making them hassle for use in remotes and other low drain electronics, the eneloop batteries are the perfect match.

Powerex is a leader in battery charger technology.  The Powerex chargers ensure your batteries perform to their max capacity each time and give you the longest service life for your batteries.  Powerex AA 2700mAh batteries are made in Japan and have been tested and rated as the top AA rechargeable batteries by multiple experts.

Can  I use any charger with my NiMH batteries?

The short answer is YES, you can use any NiMH battery charger with any NiMH battery.

The long answer is that your charger is going to dramatically effect the life of your batteries.

The majority of chargers on the market (included those from large established brands) and even some smart chargers, charge sets of batteries rather than individual cells.  This means that one battery is going to be overcharge and one battery is going to be undercharged.  Over time that difference grows and eventually the battery set fails.

At a minimum, to keep ensure your batteries are fully charged and give you the longest life, you want to make sure your charger is charging the cells individually.

The next step is to invest in an analyzers that will enable you to see the actual capacity of each cell, thereby allowing you to match capacities when in use.